You can call me Hal

Who am I? What makes me… fucked up… yet seemingly perfect. How do others see me? More importantly, how do I see myself?

Today, I start this fucked up biography, diary, and documentation of this life. Sitting behind this computer, currently listening to the crickets joyfully chirping outside my window, I am thinking how to start this. Am I going to start with an inspirational quote? A reason why I’m doing this? A list of all the great things I’ve done so far in this life to help motivate the fuckers like me? Nope. Whoever you are. Yes you. Sitting behind another bright screen, probably alone, probably looking for inspiration in between keeping up on social media. You found Hal. You found a real person that is going to break down her reality and give everything (shitty or not) straight to you.

Maybe you’ll be inspired. Maybe you’re reading this already disgusted by the foul mouthed title. Maybe your’re just curious, because hell… I’m curious of what the shit I’m doing on here.

Now… if you’re already turned off then you can gladly fuck off. But… if I just somehow turned you on…

Welcome aboard.

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