So here’s to moving on,
After you burnt me like a molotov.
I’ve realized what I was missing all along,
Ever since your drug has worn off.

I can put my heart back together alone,
Because I’m done with all the fucking lies.
So don’t worry about hearing from me again,
They’ll be no more fake goodbyes.

Me Doing Me

I’m trying to figure this all out,
But nothings coming to my mind.
I’m remembering all our mistakes,
But the memories with them were a good time.

I was terrified to tell you,
That I loved you but you needed to let me go.
I just need to work on myself right now,
And it’s something I can only do on my own.

Sunset Beach

Right now…

I want to be sitting there with you again…
On the patio with our white rockers.
Watching the constellations travel above us.
Under the most pristine night sky.
Completely unmarred by light pollution.

I want to be gazing there with you again…
The moon sitting high off the horizon.
Spread out like a vast canvas.
Painted midnight blue.
Perfectly studded with stars.

I want to be chatting there with you again…
Waves crashing into the shore.
Loud and abrupt like thunder.
Soft beams from the lighthouses spinning.
Dancing along the eastern coast.

Right now…

All I want is to be in Sunset Beach again.
With you.


I’ve been texting you for an hour,
But nothing has been sent.
Just writing.
Just erasing.
Just crying.
I want to know that you’re okay,
But I need to refrain myself.
From asking.
From intruding.
From speaking.
I fucking miss you so much,
But I’m trying to be strong.
Be unwavering.
Be smart.
Be tough.
I want you back in my life so damn badly,
But we need to end this cycle.
For you.
For me.
For us.