42 thoughts on “Burning

  1. The Sun is on “fire” for millions of years, and will continue doing so for almost an equal period of time from now.
    Does it burn itself? NO
    Can it scorch others? That’s a reverberating YES
    Choose your option. Or ask the wise Lady in the Mirror

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  2. It usually happens, put yourself first is my way of thinking. If not you go nuts. Only do it to those who you are very close with, in my case my mother that IΒ΄m her care taker. And I don’t even have that feeling of burning up, canΒ΄t have it if not I wouldn’t be able to operate.
    But in general as a rule, you go first.
    Nicely written poem.

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      1. Holy! You are a nurse…. this is going to be great, with my screwed up body you can take care of me. You have no idea how many times people in your profession have saved my life, youΒ΄re my guarding angels for sure. I would have died long time ago if it wasn’t for you people.

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      2. Forget about it, between the “homies” and “dudes”, you are a gangsta nurse, probably you take care of those gangsta shot in the street and they canΒ΄t go to the hospital because of being afraid they call the police.
        Yo scary

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      3. Probably “rolling” from you crib to the job in your motorcycle with the jacket of HellΒ΄s Angels a hot road suddenly entering and becoming a smily with your hair tuck in a pony tail, you dark nails un polished turned normal, and everyone saying look at “Lilii” so nice. a girl, and you trying to tuck your handgun in one your Kaki trousers you just got into them in the garage while taking of your leather jeans…. I can see it Cherona “the killer” Jones, – your real name not Lily like your patients call you

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      4. woooord… So you are laughing? I send you this video that every time I hear it I laugh. Know why? It happened to me in those exact condition, nothing went off, but I did get myself looked out high as a kite late at night and went to the landlord…. no wonder the university took away my scholarship. Watch it when you can, you’ll get a laugh

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      5. I think we’ve all done something similar to this in college πŸ™‚ Theo von is a funny guy!!! It made me laugh pretty hard πŸ˜‚ Thanks for that!! Now I’m gonna binge watch videos…


      6. The comic? If your talking about that one the true answer is yes, I just don’t like the guy. He doesn’t even has to say a word, just by looking at him I want to smack him. I had to go along that I liked the guy if I wanted to spend the drunken night with you…….

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      7. Do you actually say to your patients.. Laughing My Fucking Ass off or you just smile at the poor almost dead carcasas and say “HaaaLMFAO!!!!” I don’t know, if I was a patient I would be looking at you with terror, seeing you about to inject me “something” with a needle…..

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