You were beautiful...

The way your hair
was whipped softy by the wind.
The way your face
was colored by the sun.
The way your body
was silhouetted by the ocean.

You were free...
You were full of light...
You were beautiful...

And you are me.

21 thoughts on “Radiance

      1. The realization goes like this:
        You are still everything you wish to be
        You can be even more than that
        Strong Ladies don’t cry or despair
        Their cosmetics are too expensive to be washed by tears
        They rise, they take what they want
        And they shine when the world around them is dark

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  1. Such a beautiful piece….you are a great writer….I can visualize every single line….so smooth flow….Keep expressing the I in YOU in whichever manner you feel is right….coz there’s no wrong

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