19 thoughts on “Here I Burn

    1. I have dark feelings sometimes but I’m not a dark person. 🙂 Just a poem kind of explaining how people think they can hurt me.. but it makes me laugh because they can’t. They can do whatever they want to me but I will be okay.

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      1. Lol thanks! Didn’t mean to make people think I actually want people to burn me… Some chick said I need psych help… 😂 Spreading good vibes at work today 🙂 have a beautiful day too!!! Thank you!!!

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  1. This reminds me of my poem, Masochism.

    Although, I feel two meanings, here. I feel desire, painful pleasure, yet, I feel self torture. Addicted to pain, and not in the sexual way.

    Your writings make me think. And I love it.


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