Truth #9

I have a scrapbook full of obituaries of all the people I’ve taken care of over the years.

These are obituaries I saved of people (from my jobs at the assisted living and hospital) that I feel like made a difference in my life. I open it up occasionally to remember the impact these people had on me.

There’s about fifty so far.

28 thoughts on “Truth #9

      1. You must have seen lot of heart breaks being in that profession, but embracing the life lessons taught by these people and remembering it even when they are not here, is simply Amazing ✨👌 You are Amazing ✨

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      1. I’ve nearly-always had good experiences with nurses. Of all the medical professionals, they were the most consistently empathetic and sensitive. They always left me with such a nice warm feeling by the time I left hospital after recovering from surgeries. Their kind-heartedness and good humour made me feel great.

        I always came round feeling extremely nauseous after surgery, and would feel terrible, just dry-retching for about two hours. They were so helpful during that period, then afterwards I would recover so fast it took them by surprise, and I could joke with them. But the kindness and patience they had during the bad 2 hours was so nice!

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