Truth #10

My biggest fear is gaining back any of the weight that I lost.

I’ve lost 140lbs naturally over about three years and gaining even a few pounds now makes me spiral. I know I’ll never allow myself to get to that point again, but the fear is still there.

I would be fucking sadder than shit if I couldn’t wear my new sexy clothes anymore. πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Truth #10

    1. Oh for sure! I know I have OCD and it just makes it spiral. It’s a constant checking and monitoring everything I do and consume. I’ve dealt with some eating disorder stuff because if it. Thank you! I’ll check it out. ❀️❀️❀️

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  1. Oh my 140 lbs…..and here I cry to loose shed 15-20. What an achievement. Give it a positive spin…that won’t let you spin in reverse to be there where started…coz you would never….OCD or not….won’t matter…I’m sure you exercise every week….so you’ll remain fit to fit in your so fine clothes….having said that I do understand the fear of going back where you once were….much love. You must share how on earth you lost so much weight. Truly inspirational!!

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  2. I am in that exact position right now. I gained 40 plus pounds recently. I hate myself for it, but I need to find a way to lose it again. I usually do fasting mixed with a keto diet, but right now all I want is sugar and fat all day long.

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    1. I feel you. I gained like fifteen in the last six months? I’m so angry at myself. I’ve never tried a actual diet though. I have always just done low fat and 1200 calories. I use my fitness pal to track everything. Winter sucks balls….I want to go outside and run… But right now I’d slip on I’ve and probably get concussed…

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      1. in my experience, it isn’t the low fat as much as it is the high carbs that will get you gaining. alot of low fat foods are packed with sugar. however, 15 in six months isnt too bad. I gained my weight in about 2 months cause of emotions

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  3. While it is important to be fit and healthy, an obsession of “size zero” figure is disastrous. Usually people starve themselves to lose weight, which is extremely dangerous.
    Please don’t do such things.. Even the Wise Lady in the Mirror will be unable to save you in such a scenario.. Be safe..!!

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