Truth #6

One of my best friends is going to be 96 years old next month.

Her name is Pat and she lives at the assisted living I used to work at. It’s been six years of friendship and I’ve basically adopted her as my grandma at this point. Even though there’s almost exactly 70 years between us… I can call her my best friend. I just love her so much. ❤️

Past Lives

I get a overwhelming feeling,
Of familiarity with you.
Every whisper, every smile,
Every little thing you do.
When I look into your eyes,
I am filled with Déjà vu.

My mind screams out like a storm,
I feel that yours does too.
We’ve known each other before,
Just in a different view.
Two souls echoing the past,
and together breaking through.

Truth #5

I like to make awkward eye contact with people driving in cars next to me. I’ve been told by people driving with me that it’s fucking weird and I should stop doing this but…

A few months ago, I was driving to a home improvement store jamming out hard in my car (Probably to Lizzo). I’m at a red light and look over (of course) and there’s a adorable old man in a pick-up smiling at me. So I wave and smile back because… well I’m me and I fucking love adorable old people. A couple minutes later, I’m at the store and I feel a tap on my back. I turn around and it’s the adorable old strange man that I smiled at! He asks me, “Are you the pretty girl singing and smiling at me in the car a few roads back?” At this point… I had never been confronted for my weird driving actions so I’m like, “Uh yeah… that’s embarrassing.” He tells me that he enjoyed seeing someone so happy listening to music and wanted to just say hi to me. We ended up shopping together because of course we both needed same things and thank god we did… I really didn’t know a fucking lot about the electrical wiring I was about to try myself, but now I do thanks to Henry (we were basically on a first name basis by the time we got to the outlet section 🙂 ).

Long story short, I still make awkward eye contact with strangers in cars next to me when I drive because I’m weird and I like it.

Missing You

When I think about you,
the air is sucked out of my lungs,
and I can't catch my breath.

When I look at pictures of you,
tears form behind my eyes,
and I can't blink them back.

When I dream about you,
my nightmares become my reality,
and I can't seem to stop that.