Truth #23

I get the anxious sweats when someone wants to see travel pictures on my phone.

If someone happens to scroll through too many vacation pictures they’re either going to get view of: my obscene nursing memes, my decent nudes, or some really fucking adorable cat pictures.

This is basically how I like to play my own personal game of risk. 😁

Truth #22

Sometimes I still feel like life is still normal and then something comes to my mind making me suddenly realize, “Oh shit… COVID is still a thing”…

I wonder how long it would actually take to feel like this plague lifestyle is just the new norm…

Mr. Frail Ego

I see you,
and your frail ego.

Fishing for compliments,
and screaming for attention.

Showing your incompetence,
and increasing the tension.

Today marks the day
I caught you
in all of your lies.

So now I’ll
have to choose
to stay or say goodbye.