19 thoughts on “But I Can’t

      1. 😁 Good! Always healthy to have a healthy opinion of yourself 💙.

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  1. You seem spicey in every manner… So “despise me”…sounds not so nice to me…perhaps the person you’re referring to is blinded by his own ego…that he can’t feel the deep ocean behind the big eyes n heart

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      1. You’re pushing my “curious” button. You see, I’ve that “contact” page on my blog…No, I’m not hinting anything….Dear Hal, I’m just kidding….I, of course respect that you wish to be anonymous….due to whatever reason…no worries âĪïļ

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      2. You must ALWAYS do what you feel is right for you. You are the eye (/ I) of the being you are.
        I’m just a crazy guy with a crazy mind, who likes to write crazy stuff.

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      3. If you feel like & are comfortable with that, then you must. But you must be a 100% sure…look into your eyes & ask the question if you wish to…I’m sure, you’ll get a precise reply.

        Crazy is “dope”…A poem won’t rhyme if there wasn’t a crazy flow…just like a life would be too plane without the highs n lows…so crazy is kinda cool…I’m glad that I ain’t the only crazy one, coz you’re crazy too

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