9 thoughts on “Recorder

  1. No, doesnΒ΄t good to me.
    You(people in general) make your own path, by your decisions.
    I should include myself in that category yet iΒ΄m unfit to be category…..
    Anyways, just driting apart.

    NICE READ AS ALWAYS that was the point.

    You did say ” rewind time”, and my creative mind is telling me to write a post with this title- Rewind Time.

    And hope you laugh at my miserry… thinking of you…… did I just fucking comment like this? Seems so

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    1. 😁 you can borrow my title. I give you permission lol. I think I just like thinking… I wonder what would have happened if….? I’m def not laughing at your misery 😜


      1. You can laugh at me no worries, IΒ΄m an expert at having people do it. You can borrow my humanity!!!!
        Knowing you are deaf, is good that we can communicate through words


  2. Hope you won’t rewind, fast forward & record on the old style cassette tape…coz then it might be more messed up. Hope you’re getting the essence β€οΈπŸ˜‰

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