Truth #13

The words, “still I rise” are tattooed in cursive down my arm.

I got this tattoo after the whole… Rapey thing. I touch it whenever something happens that brings me down. It helps me remember to always get back up and to keep moving forward no matter what shit gets tossed my way.

Here it is ❤️

25 thoughts on “Truth #13

  1. I have often thought that I’ll get a tattoo at some point, after enough thought and when I can afford to. I’ve actually considered getting this very same thing tattooed! And thought this or something like it would be a great reminder, as you use it!

    I read your post last night and thought it was an amazing coincidence. I was inspired to get the whole ‘still I rise’ tattoo by Lewis Hamilton:

    I also really like his neck tattoo:

    Man the strength in what you write is astounding and admirable 👊. That tattoo is so damned cool!

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    1. I like the neck tat!!! I have a beautiful tattoo I just got on my shoulder ❤️ I have collected five tattoos so far. I love art and don’t really like my body… So I figure… By covering my body with art I’ll like it more 🙂 so far so good ❤️
      And thank you Robin! 😁❤️

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      1. Just had to google that! I’ve seen that word of bunch of times lately…now I realise why! I’ve been gardening at a gardening mental health charity, lol. I’d imagined it to be some kind of memey pony/unicorn thing! That’s an awesome one to have! 👍

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