17 thoughts on “Just Leave Them

  1. what works best , when two people get to that point of recognition or each others pain , is to make the effort to apologize for the parts you know you did , listen to the parts you don’t know about ( perceptions matter ) , Don’t just drop and walk away from the scars ,….especially if they are old ones ,…deep ones …
    If a Person truly cares about you , give them that private opportunity to share , and apologize for their own . It will heal the healing … Anytime someone shows Humility in an emotionally charged issue , it will help heal …..

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  2. You take my breath away Hal. What a beautiful poem…I can so much relate to it…I read the last verse as in living in the Now…in the very present…of course, past has an influence…but it can’t be changed…future, we don’t know yet…sometimes it’s important to “reset” everything to heal ❤️

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