21 thoughts on “Truth #19

      1. Hey Hal! Thanks for the nomination, I respect hat, I got an award after a really long time. 🙂 Thank You✨💐 I’ll Post it very soon.. Don’t wait to comment on it 😉

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  1. COVID-19…is that sightseeing…that spreads crazily on the dance scene…the virus is so haunting…so stay safe for your own & other’s sake please…consume ginger, turneric & garlic…much love to this lovely being…

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      1. First of all many congratulations to you for being nominated!! 🤘Your writings are crazy amazing! ❤️
        Thank you very much for nominating me…it’s a great honor that you picked me…I’ll for sure be participating. Once again my gratitude Hal. Much love ❤️🙏

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