7 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. Excuses are the biggest Virus. The one that starts making an excuse will never earn the guts to accept their mistake or feel sorry for that. Nice one ✨👌 You are making me write ✨🤗 There is always good things, be grateful for the little beautiful things you have, instead of making an excuse and seek for better.✨Have a wonderful day Hal✨✍️💐

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    1. Yes yes yes!!! If someone hates their life so much they need to change it. They have the power to control what happens (for the most part) in their life. Thank you Simon!! Have a beautiful virus free day!! 😘❤️😁

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  2. Damn girl! Excuses…excuses…excuses…are all we hear to create diversions…not addressing the real issues…within ourselves…not sharing the real reasons…to reflect & see within us…excuses…excuses…excuses

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