Mr. Frail Ego

I see you,
and your frail ego.

Fishing for compliments,
and screaming for attention.

Showing your incompetence,
and increasing the tension.

Today marks the day
I caught you
in all of your lies.

So now I’ll
have to choose
to stay or say goodbye.

13 thoughts on “Mr. Frail Ego

  1. Crazy powerful writing…I can almost feel your blood is rushing…crushing…pain in your pure screen…the eyes are burning…the heart is bleeding…you’re a crazy true being…which will bring…the clarity in this awful scene…of your life that you’ve been living….Much love dear Hal – Anonymously ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Narcissism are like corona virus, beat each your healthy cell and kill the real you before you realize. Nicely written Hal ✨I would only suggest, Say “no” don’t even think about it💐✨

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