Truth #22

Sometimes I still feel like life is still normal and then something comes to my mind making me suddenly realize, “Oh shit… COVID is still a thing”…

I wonder how long it would actually take to feel like this plague lifestyle is just the new norm…

19 thoughts on “Truth #22

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. I was sick for the 6 months prior to the virus, so life hasn’t changed all that much. I’m used to staying home. Now the not having any income, that’s real ……real fucking scary

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      1. Yeah, I’m trying to find ways to reduce the amount of media I’m consuming about it. Like, I can’t do anything about it right now, so I need to channel my energy into something productive or at least something that brings me/my family joy.

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  2. For me it really isn’t much different to how I was already living for the 4 months before. And my income comes from the state as before, so ironically, incredibly, I’ve had more stability than a lot of people! And it already feels pretty normal, but yeah, you do have to kick yourself sometimes and remind yourself that you’re really living through the period that you dreamed of happening (not in a good way, but I often thought of this scenario!), that you’re witnessing a historial period and should try to take it in for historial purposes later on!

    I’m just trying to preserve my mental health in the state I had got it to!

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  3. I get the same experiences.

    Maybe our previous life *was* the dream – where we lived relatively comfortably, and so many others lived under war, poverty, oppression, etc.

    And now our dreams are over, and the entire world faces the stark reality of universal struggle…

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