25 thoughts on “Inner War

  1. I can so much relate to this beautiful piece, dear Hal….sometimes I dwell in that deep & dark well…from there, I try to fight my battle…which I could never win…but it’s not abt winning…spinning from head to heart…from bleed to hurt….❤️

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  2. So much I realated to this. Such profound emotions embedded in your words. Simply amazing. Keep blogging dear. 💞🌸✌

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  3. I was thinking where did you disappeared all of a sudden. Then to my surprise I’m starting to lose people by following some people least bothered about their followers. Beautiful Poem, we all have a battlefield inside our head, it’s always the one that makes us feel weak vs the one makes us feel great, we should choose one of them to win. Well done!! ✍️Have a wonderful Sunday Hal✨☺️

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    1. Yeah I went about a week without writing.. work stuff. 🤮 Yes we do all have a battlefield…. Some better and some worse. ❤️Thank you Simon! Have an amazing Sunday too!!!!!! 😍🌞

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      1. Oh okay, how is Corona situation in your province? Is everything under control 🤔 I don’t want news, they have no good news for me right now 😐. Enjoy the work and don’t forget to take care of yourself!!

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      2. It was under control… Then they opened everything back up… Probably too early. Had my first COVID death the other day. It’s just completely horrible to watch my patients suffering like that. ☹️ Hopefully it gets better soon for all of us. ❤️❤️❤️

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      3. Oops all countries does that mistake now 🙁. It must be painful for them 😲 . It will be better soon.. let’s hope ✨🤗

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