22 thoughts on “Objects

  1. I love your rhyme scheme, it’s always so amazing! This poem is so awesome, too. When all we have left of people who are gone is objects, we keep them so sacred. So we don’t lose their memories/names too. Beautiful! 💕

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      1. Me too, I save so many old notes from people that I read from time to time just for a nice dose of nostalgia. Glad to hear that 😂😂❤

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      2. Me too! I’m quite unsentimental about junk stuff or stuff I could give to charity, but those other things take me years to get rid of, if I ever do. Sometimes they’re just so small that you can’t find the justification for it, haha. I always put it off for another day when I come across them, even though I know I will get rid of them eventually.

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      1. That’s the thing….that’s why it’s difficult to let things go….even though….they pain us enormously….eventually….such things don’t last forever….I think

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