17 thoughts on “Masks

    1. Nurses are heroes. Right now Covid is really bad here, and the reports about how overwhelmed the health system is getting pain me, to think of all the people working so hard in hospitals, as well as all the people not getting treatment because of the virus. I can’t imagine what it must be like working amidst it all with a never-ending stream of patients.

      Nurses and doctors are also the first people I think of when I see reports about people going out in crowds unnecessarily, even with police telling them to go home. So determined to do the wrong thing. It’s impossible to reconcile the two worlds it’s so absurd!

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      1. Thank you Robin β™₯️ I just feel like I’m doing my job. I never thought this is what I’d be doing though!
        People can be ignorant. I’m hoping this next week doesn’t blow up from the holidays…. 🀞🏻

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      2. Well, I’ll give you thatβ€” in normal times, sure it’s just your job :D. But during this time it’s people in healthcare who are being worked the hardest, suffering the most, taking more extra risk for the rest of us. And the heroism for me is that they’re able to remain dependable, deal with it enough mentally to be able to keep doing their job. And of course that has a limit, I’m just grateful it hasn’t been reached yet!

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