28 thoughts on “-1°F

      1. This is typical lol. My younger brother had an older car than me, it was smaller and had less doors, and I went and boasted to him how the car which I drove on my driving lessons (a mini cooper) had electrically-operated wing mirrors. To which he replied that so did his!! 😐

        And some time after owning my car (about a year) I discovered that my car in fact didn’t have air conditioning (which the salesman had told me it did), which my brother was also surprised about because his car did have it!!

        And all that time I’d viewed his car as this crappy old, basic car. It certainly looked nothing like as good as mine, and again, it was smaller!

        Typical #Robin things 😭. I hate the world.

        P.S. thanks for being my friend! 😃🕺

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