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More Than Just Lyrics

a song can
take me back
to where
it all began.

then there’s
that song that
makes me fall
where I stand.


I am always
looking for
the broken ones…

The ones
who are
like me.

But who am I
to fix their


When my own
I try to

Truth #22

Sometimes I still feel like life is still normal and then something comes to my mind making me suddenly realize, “Oh shit… COVID is still a thing”…

I wonder how long it would actually take to feel like this plague lifestyle is just the new norm…

Mr. Frail Ego

I see you,
and your frail ego.

Fishing for compliments,
and screaming for attention.

Showing your incompetence,
and increasing the tension.

Today marks the day
I caught you
in all of your lies.

So now I’ll
have to choose
to stay or say goodbye.