Truth #22

Sometimes I still feel like life is still normal and then something comes to my mind making me suddenly realize, “Oh shit… COVID is still a thing”…

I wonder how long it would actually take to feel like this plague lifestyle is just the new norm…

Truth #21

Today at work I opened my Dove chocolate wrapper to find a very laughable (yet threatening) message underneath.

It simply read, “Book a flight”.

I think my chocolate wants me to fucking die in this pandemic…


Truth #19

Last night I went barhopping/dancing in downtown Minneapolis during the midst of this pandemic. Pretty fucking sure I came eye to eye with COVID-19… multiple times.

Guess I’ll find out in 10-12 days…

Truth #18

Just went to Home Depot in search of toilet paper because I literally only have a few fucking rolls left at my house.

They didn’t have any so I bought a grande sized package of paper towel and some pieces of wood…

I got the paper towel just in case I become desperate and the wood was to distract people from thinking I’m hoarding paper products….

Its oak… might make a fucking table with it this month. 😁

Truth #17

Today I was really hungry and work… and I saw a unopened take out box in the break room fridge…. I fucking ate it. Now I’m scared that I just gave myself fucking food poisoning. 🤮

Or Coronavirus…. ✌️

Truth #16

I can’t leave homeless people alone.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a naive small town girl without many homeless people… or if I’m just stupid, but I cannot just walk past homeless people (especially when drinking). I go to Minneapolis a lot… and it’s like fucking homeless central there. I get nagged by my friends constantly to leave people on the sidewalk alone… but I feel so sad seeing them there and either need to give them a few bucks, some food, or a hug. I honestly don’t care why they’re homeless, I just care about everyone’s well-being.

Deep down I know my friends are fucking right and I could end up robbed, kidnapped, dead, or with lice… but I guess I just have faith that if I’m doing the right thing I’ll be okay. 😁