Who is Hal?

Hal… what a person she is. But who the fuck is she? Well… here is the list. The list of all the great, good, and shitty things that make her… Me.

Artistic. A cheater. A good liar (not great). Compassionate. Loving. Organized. Bulimic. Anxiety-ridden. Funny. Outgoing. Depressed. Rebellious. Desperate. Smart. A wife. Athletic. Singer (also not that great). Dancer (probably worse). Confused. Lost. Outspoken. Over-thinker. Mildy-thin. Adventurous. Flirty. Weird. Creative. Deceiving. Lost. Hopeful.

Maybe I’ll edit this later? Seems legit at this point. I am a lot. I have a lot to offer and a lot I need to work on. Half of these labels I give myself I am not proud of and honestly embarrassed to type. However, they make me… who I am (as fucky as they are). I know I am fucked up. I know this.

But… you. You are reading this. You are now learning a little bit more about the shitty and great things about Hal.