I’m going on a trip in January…

I’m going there to see two great guys. One I’ve never met in person, and one is a longtime best friend. Military boys.

I absolutely cannot fucking wait to sit on the beach. It’s only December and I’m already begging for fucking warmth and sun. These snow covered white pines, although beautiful… are slowly dragging me down shitty sadness creek again.

I just want my feet in warm sand, humid air on my body, and the sun hitting my face. I want to be able to just lay there with the ocean in front of me. Only water separating me and the sunset.

I want to sit and breathe the salted ocean air… ponder, think, imagine, and release myself completely.

I. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.

However, I’m not only anxious for warmth and adventure… but to see someone that means a whole damn lot to me. Someone who I miss dearly and thought I’d never be able to see again.

New memories will be made in January, and hopefully the past will be in the past.