Damn Good Pictures

Tonight I’m going through the pictures of my vacation I took with you… again.

It was a beautiful trip. One truly full of so many amazing memories, conversations, and experiences. And these photos I took… I mean fuck… I have so many stunning photographs… so many gorgeous views and landscapes.
But… mixed all haphazardly within them… there’s the pictures with you…

They literally make me nauseated.

Not with disgust though… just sadness. I see those pictures and I immediately smile, but then it’s that feeling of loss that gets me. A feeling of deep loss that makes me feel like I ate at a shitty buffet in a ghetto and got E.Coli.

So what do I do?

Do I keep looking at these beautiful pictures every night for another fucking month? I mean… I highly fucking doubt it that just by staring at these pictures and praying you come back into my life that you will.
Do I just try to crop you out of every single one? I mean… some of the pictures with the two of us I look pretty damn hot… so cropping isn’t really an option for the majority of them.
Do I put them on Facebook anyways knowing your family will see them? I mean… it’s been almost two months… it’s probably a little late to post a hundred vacation pictures anyways. Then people will think I just came back and that’s annoying.
Do I send them to you at 3am to try to help you remember the amazing times we all had? I mean… never mind. I already know that’s a BAD FUCKING IDEA!!!!

I guess I just don’t fucking know at the moment. I just know that I want to share these images with the world… even if you’re in them.

Because shit… I’m not a photographer… but these are some damn good pictures.