Two Months

Last night my patient was told she had two months to live. Maybe more, maybe less…

She sat there listening to what the doctor had to say about her poor prognosis, tears building behind her eyes.

He tenderly answered her questions, leaving her no more further scenarios to ponder within her bald head.

He left. I stayed.

I handed her some tissues, helped dry her sunken face, and held her hand as we waited for her family’s return.

She then looked at me suddenly, grinning as she said, “Well… now I have a reason to get cable and sip my fucking margaritas right?”

And I giggled and replied, “Yes… I believe you fucking do”.


I’ll Stay

I’ll hold your hand
when your family’s not here,
to comfort your death during
this quarantine my dear.

I know you don’t understand
what this lock-down has done,
you’re simply confused and scared
my sweet demented one.

But one visitor a day
is all that’s allowed,
and sadly you’ll get none
for the fear that surrounds.

So lay down your head
and close those tired eyes,
I’ll stay here with you
til your final goodbye.

Where Love Lies

I just finished a book that literally felt like my own personal memoir…

I have read thousands of books… thousands… and I have never ever read a book where the characters, plot lines, and relationships were so unmistakably similar to my own life and relationships. It’s even more mind blowing that a simple novel could have that much impact on me believing that I have indeed made the best decision in my life.

After reading this book (and heavily reflecting on my life this last year) I can say this…

Sometimes a person’s judgement’s can be severely clouded by moments of “what ifs” and “maybes”. Sometimes you can share a beautiful moment with someone and wonder if there could be something more.
And sometimes it is OKAY to wonder if you chose the right path in your love life.

But then you have to step back, get out of that moment, look at the big picture, and see everything that you could lose just by walking away with someone new.

Reflection complete.

Let Me

Let the undertow
take me,
sweeping away
my sins…

Let the waves
crash around me,
smothering from

Let me fill
up my lungs,
as I come
up for air…

Let me know
I’ll survive,
as long as
you are there.

For You

You saw me
when I couldn’t see myself.

You adored me
when I thought I was unlovable.

You caught me
the second you saw me start to fall.

You saved me
when I thought I was unsalvageable.

So I will be here for you.
Not because I feel like I owe you…
but because I love you just as much.

Truth #24

I have a favorite bench at the lake that’s by my house.

It’s a beautiful stone bench that’s in memory of someone named Alexis and it’s in the most perfect spot, completely surrounded by water. I love to sit there alone with only my thoughts, the sun, and the serenity of the lake.

Last summer I secretly hung a wind chime in a tree next to my bench. I spent all winter wondering if it would still be there after the snow melted. I finally got to go to my bench today…

And it’s still hanging there. ❤️