Lead Balloon

You filled me up
like a lead balloon,
but I couldn’t float
when I was full of you.

I would rise
but then I’d fall,
because to you
I was nothing at all.

It just wasn’t fair
I wanted to fly,
to touch the air
and to kiss the sky.

So I begged you
until I cried,
and you screamed
but finally sighed.

You gave in
and let me go,

so now I’m soaring
here on my own.


I feel like I'm someone else.
I don't even recognize myself anymore.
My soul feels altered.
Straight down to the core.
My spirit moves differently.
Like nothing I've felt before.

But... it's a ethereal feeling.
It's ceasing my knocking on death's door.
A beautiful new identity.
Slowly vanquishing my mind's civil war.
I'm here praying this newfound me stays.
Now and forevermore.