Are we both alone tonight? Wondering if one another is still sane... Miles apart with congruent thoughts... Avoiding vices and chaotic virtues in an effort to prevent collapse and impending breakdowns? Or is it just me?


Summer of 2019 belongs to me... years away yet somewhere in-between. Friends with scooters and spilt milkshakes... tobacco shops and drunken mistakes. Uber drives in new scented cars... with unlikely dives at classy gay bars. Cigarette butts and cold wind nights... hotel keys and blurred city lights. Crooked smiles and shitty leftovers... With a pancake … Continue reading 2019


Headlights mark another highway like mismatched string lights. Lights of solemn beams endlessly cascading together to form vibrant clusters against the skyline... Eventually becoming nothing but hazy blurs in the growing distance... Until consumed by darkness... And gone from sight.

Another Night

Dark circles mark another night without rest. Another night with dreams too lucid and nightmares too obscene. Another night with a mind restless and writhing in every position. Another night with blankets in a choke-hold until light overcomes the curtains. Another night gone... And marked solely without rest.