Mr. Frail Ego

I see you,
and your frail ego.

Fishing for compliments,
and screaming for attention.

Showing your incompetence,
and increasing the tension.

Today marks the day
I caught you
in all of your lies.

So now I’ll
have to choose
to stay or say goodbye.



You’re manipulative.

You patronize me and belittle me.

You only care about what you want.

You don’t truly care about my feelings.

You tell me it’s all in my head.

You need everything to go your way.

You use me.

You play games to make me come back.

You’re so fucking selfish and demanding.

You’re a self-centered, egocentric motherfucker.

You’re conniving and deceitful.

You’re always having to have the last word.

You’re lying to yourself by blaming others.

You’re ignorant and so damn arrogant.

You’re fucking mean when not the center of my attention.


You are an asshole.

And a fucking narcissist.