Summer of 2019 belongs to me... years away yet somewhere in-between. Friends with scooters and spilt milkshakes... tobacco shops and drunken mistakes. Uber drives in new scented cars... with unlikely dives at classy gay bars. Cigarette butts and cold wind nights... hotel keys and blurred city lights. Crooked smiles and shitty leftovers... With a pancake … Continue reading 2019


Headlights mark another highway like mismatched string lights. Lights of solemn beams endlessly cascading together to form vibrant clusters against the skyline... Eventually becoming nothing but hazy blurs in the growing distance... Until consumed by darkness... And gone from sight.


Go ahead... Try to gain my attention through your sociopath facade... Because your knowledge of my favorite foods and movies... Leaves me speechless in awe. (Sarcasm) Okay I'll be honest... I'm actually left quite floored... That such a knowledgeable narcissist like you... Thinks I still give a fuck anymore.