I feel like we all try
to fit ourselves inside of a box.

A simple, square, basic box.

A box where we fit,
try to fit,
or pretend to fit…

But anyway we look at it
it’s still a fucking box.


Are we supposed to stay
inside the box we wind up in?

Or do we work our hardest
to get out of it?


After the storm clears
and there’s nothing left
but dew…

The dissipating clouds will
let the sunlight peak through.

A golden glow
will cast its’ way to
the ground…

Creating an amber filter
upon all that surrounds.

And as the raindrops
evaporate off the
window panes…

The day will carry on
with all that remains.


Tonight I stood crying
silent tears in the shower,
my anger and sadness
mixed in with the water.

When I stepped out and dried
myself off in the mirror,
my eyes held emotions
that couldn’t be clearer.

They held the hatred for him
and all he did upon me,
including the revenge in my head…

I wish he could see.